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About us

 Angira. Always accurate, always on time.

Angira Translation Agency has been in business since July 12, 2007. At present, we render translations of all types of documents in more than fifty languages.

Do you represent a Russian or foreign company? In this case you can get written translations of the texts of any documents. Our translators are specialized in a number of subject fields, and they command the corresponding terminology.

We render translations on topics of the narrowest scope, ranging from medicine to oil and gas to chemistry. Each written translation is always reviewed by an editor. We translate and localize websites(fully preserving the "spirit and letter" of the original) andcomputer software.

Are you an individual person who needs to have personal documents translated? In your case, you can get translations of the following documents: diplomas, certificates, passports, deeds of gift, wills and etc.

Are you planning activities with some foreign business partners? We’ll provide you with professional interpreting – simultaneous or consecutive, whichever you may need.

For your convenience, we handle the following services besides translation: certification of translated documents (either with the agency’s stamp or by a notary); document legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federationor at one of the embassies; and apostilization.

You can contract us for rush translations, and save even more time using our courier services.

We’ll accept your documents in printed or electronic form (in any format), quickly give you an estimate on the cost, then do the translation, arranging the layout and format of the finished product according to your specifications.

You can easily find us at our office in the center of Moscow, 6/1 Pyatninskaya Street.

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