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Заказать обратный звонок

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- What does “one standard page” mean?

Such unit of measure as “1 standard page” is used when determining the volume and cost of translation. One standard page is an A4 page, which contains 1800 characters (with spaces) for the following printing options in the Microsoft Word text editor: font – Times New Roman; font size – 14; line spacing – 1.5; page margins – standard (by default). With this set of options, a standard page consists of 30 rows with 60 characters in each row.

- How can I calculate the cost of translation?

For a preliminary calculation of the cost of translation, you need to determine the size of material to be translated.
To do this, in the Proofing section of Microsoft Word, click Word Count. Divide the number of characters with spaces displayed by 1800 and round the result to the nearest tenth.
In this way, you get the size of the material to be translated in standard pages (the term “standard page” is described in question number 1). You then multiply the size with our rates given by our managers.
Minimum order – one standard page.

- How can I place an order?

Simply contact us by any of the methods listed below:
- call us by phone,
- send us an e-mail,
- fill out the request form on our website.
All phone numbers, addresses, and request form are available on our website www.angira.ru.
Our manager together with you will sort out the details of your order and inform you about all the steps necessary to ensure its quality translation.

- How quickly can you translate documents?

Standard rate of translation:
- 1 day for English, German and French languages,
- 2 working days for Italian and Spanish languages,
- 3 to 5 working days for other languages.
We also offer urgent translation within a working day. In this case, an accelerated or urgent tariff applies – an addition of 30% to 100% to the standard rates, depending on the translation language and size.

- What is an Apostille?

An apostille is a way of legalizing a document (giving it legal force) for use in a foreign country.
An apostille is used to certify the signature of the person (notary), who signed the document, its seal or stamp.
This legalization method is only applicable when the documents are to be used in countries that signed the Hague Convention.
In the Russian Federation, an apostille is affixed on documents issued ONLY in Russia, as well as documents issued in the USSR.
If a document is issued in the USSR but not in Russian language, it must first be translated.
For more information on apostille and other ways of legalizing documents, you can read the section in our site on apostille and legalization.


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