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Заказать обратный звонок

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Our Prices

The price of our translation services is calculated based on a set of factors – subject matter, urgency, total volume, need for additional actions (notarization, typesetting, etc.). Therefore, we evaluate each order individually. To find out the cost of translation for your text, please contact our managers by phone: +7 (495) 646-87-97, or use the order form.

The cost of translation is calculated based on the so-called standard pages (1800 characters – 30 rows with 60 characters in each row, including spaces and numbers)

The number of characters for languages that do not use Cyrillic or Latin alphabet (with the exception of Greek) is calculated based on the Russian language, regardless of the direction of translation.

Minimum order – 1 standard page.

The price includes the work of the translator and the editor.

The price can be affected by:

  •  complexity of the translation (translation into foreign languages by native speakers, highly specialized subjects, difficult format (a file in PowerPoint, hand-written or illegible text);
  •  urgency –  price markup of 50% for translation on the same day of order;
  •  total volume of text (large volumes of simple translation with stretched timeframes can get a discount of up to 20%);
  •  discounts for regular customers. We offer special terms and conditions of cooperation for our regular customers.

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