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Заказать обратный звонок

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Written Translations

If you are a Russian or foreign company, in the process of your activities, you may need to translate texts of contracts, instructions, marketing materials, standards, technical, medical, and pharmaceutical documents, and other documents.

If you are a private person, you may need to translate your diplomas, passports, certificates, deeds of gift, wills and other personal documents.
In any case, regardless of the type and nature of the source documents and materials, we will translate your documents and materials with the highest quality.

And what does high quality translation mean?

You will most likely say: "It means that the translation must be done accurately and on time".
You are absolutely right! For you as a customer, result is important. Everything else is under our care and inner kitchen. We are a professional company, and apply advanced techniques, technologies, and industry glossaries in our activities. We work only with highly qualified translators, editors, and native speakers.

There is the technological and formal aspect of things. This aspect lies in the fact that we perform for customers:

  • any nature of translation into more than 50 languages;
  • online translation (under a contract signed);
  • translations into several languages at once.

However, there is also the informal aspect. We are not an indifferent company, and sincerely care about the result of our work. Working on your order, we always try to take into account all the nuances, style, and specifics of the original document, as well as your wishes and demands. We are not shy to ask you questions for further clarifications, all with one purpose – to as much as possible retain the "spirit and letter" of your text in our translations.

Therefore, under a long-term cooperation with us – and that is what we do aspire for in our mutual relationship – you will receive translations that meet the standards of your company, with a unity of style and terminology. You will receive all translations in the format agreed with you in advance.

A combination of these two aspects of our work is a guarantee that you will get from us the most accurate, complete, and high-quality translation.

ISO 9001 Certification


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